WellPoint's subsidiary, CareMore, is breaking boundaries to improve the health and quality of life for seniors--all while lowering health care costs. Through its Medicare health plans, CareMore currently serves nearly 70,000 seniors in California, Arizona and Nevada. CareMore's model emphasizes upfront investments in health care resources for seniors--especially for the very frail or those at risk or currently living with complex, chronic conditions such as diabetes or congestive heart failure.

The centerpiece of this model is the Neighborhood Care Center, which helps coordinate a staff of physicians, nurse practitioners and other care providers to deliver a range of services including free rides to doctor appointments, in-home toe-nail clippings and digital home monitoring of vital signs. These routine services help seniors live more independently and avoid acute, costly episodes such as invasive surgeries or long hospital stays. 

With the CareMore model, everyone benefits. Patients enjoy better quality of life and improved health outcomes. Providers have more time to devote to patient care. Medicare serves its constituents while protecting the public's precious financial resources.

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